Season 32 arrives in Lemmings

Posted by Becky Pomroy on 21 June 2021
Season 32 arrives in Lemmings

Food from down under, Retro Space and Badly Drawn Lems make their debut in an action-packed Season 32

Hey gang, Becky here! Our brand new tribe arrives in June, with 32 brand new Lemmings to add to your collection!

Check out the full list below:

  • Charms
  • Solar Systems
  • Asian Architecture
  • Space Age
  • Badly Drawn Lemmings
  • Australian Cuisine
  • Car Parts
  • Amphibians

Season 32 will kick off on Tuesday 22 June 2021 and will last 4 weeks.

Who are you excited to collect the most? Spread the word, and let us know on social. Follow us on Twitter @LemmingsGame and on Instagram @LemmingsOfficial

Find out more about Lemmings here!

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