A Refreshing Hike in Malta

Posted by Becky Pomroy on 17 May 2022
A Refreshing Hike in Malta

Not all who wander are lost…. This may or may not have been the case for our Malta team as they headed out into the countryside for a group hike! It was an unusually cloudy day for Malta as the team headed to Baħrija for a Victoria Lineswalk through the hills. The weather may have been overcast but there’s no denying the beauty of the views.


Getting out in the fresh air and taking in some amazing scenery is good for the body and soul. It’s a great reminder as we head into Mental Health Awareness Week to take a moment to slow down and spend some time in nature. That’s it, I’m heading for a walk in the fields as soon as I finish writing this! The weather certainly didn’t dampen their spirits as they explored the area, took in the scenery and took some pictures! After all the exercise, they definitely earned a refuel at Tal-Kugini, St Martin’s Bar & Grill.

Do you have some nice countryside around you to explore? With so much time spent sitting at desks and on our computers, it’s certainly nice to stretch our legs and clear our minds. I am ashamed to say I regularly don’t get my 15,000 steps a day done… but the team certainly did on this day! Writing this has inspired me to get moving, who’s going to join me? There’s not much else to say so I will leave you with some more motivational scenery –


That’s me signing off until next time!

– Bexient


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