Happy New Year! 2023 is here… And so is Lemmings Season 52!

Posted by Stuart on 3 January 2023
Happy New Year! 2023 is here… And so is Lemmings Season 52!

Welcome to 2023! We’ve got an exciting 12 months of  fun coming your way, starting with today’s release of Season 52 for iOS and Android to ring in the New Year!

Did you know that 2023 is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese calendar? Fun Fact: Chinese New Year always falls on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins the day after the first new moon appears, i.e. between January 21st and February 20th.

All of which means that in 2023 the Chinese New Year will fall on January 22nd!

Season 52 has eight new Lemmings tribes for you to play with and, of course, we have one marking the Lunar New Year and one marking the Year of the Rabbit.

We’ve also thrown in a regular Happy New Year, some Awful Snow Sleds, Dino Nuggies and a bit of Underworld Mythology to boot.

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Here’s the list of new tribes in full:- 

  • Lunar New Year
  • Space Remix
  • Awful Snow Sleds
  • Animals Mechs
  • New Year 2023
  • Dino Nuggies
  • Underworld Mythology
  • Year of the Rabbit

Season 52 is available now and will last 4 weeks.

What do you think of the new tribes? Spread the word, and let us know on social. Follow us on Twitter @LemmingsGame and on Instagram @LemmingsOfficial.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for Planet 52, which will be available on January 17th for all Lemmings players!

Find out more about Lemmings here!

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