Help find the lost dragons on Lemmings Planet 52 – Dragonwell

Posted by Stuart on 16 January 2023
Help find the lost dragons on Lemmings Planet 52 – Dragonwell

Are you enjoying the Year of the Rabbit-themed  Season 52 so far? Well, we’ve got a slightly different breed of animal for you as part of Planet 52 – fire breathing dragons!

Yep, that’s right, instead of floppy ears and fluffy tails, it’s all about sharp teeth and scaly skin in our latest update for your favourite game.

Once on Planet 52, also known as Dragonwell, you and your Lemmings will be tasked with finding magical crystals which, as the planet becomes fully formed, will reveal statues in the form of dragons representing the elements of life itself.

There are 69 new levels in total for you to explore and brighten up dull January days (if you’re in the northern hemisphere!) or distract you from the summer heat (southern hemisphere players!).

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Dragonwell is part of  Season 52, which was released on January 3rd with eight new tribes to kick off 2023, including:-

Here’s the list of new tribes in full:- 

  • Lunar New Year
  • Space Remix
  • Awful Snow Sleds
  • Animals Mechs
  • New Year 2023
  • Dino Nuggies
  • Underworld Mythology
  • Year of the Rabbit

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