Visit the Celestial Cradle on Lemmings Planet 53!

Posted by Stuart on 13 February 2023
Visit the Celestial Cradle on Lemmings Planet 53!

We had so much fun finding the Lost Dragons back in Season 52 that we’re breathing more fire into the Lemmings universe with Planet 53, known as the Celestial Cradle, which goes live on February 14th!

Legend has it that ancient dragon eggs are created in deep space, with the heat of the stars, meteors and other celestial bodies incubating our scaly friends until they’re ready to hatch on their chosen planet.

It just so happens that our Lemmings tribes have been exploring one of those planets, and are caring for a baby dragon while it sleeps and grows, forming a deep symbiotic relationship with each other as a result.

Planet 53 gives you 71 brand new levels to enjoy while rearing your dragon in its Celestial Cradle, before it eventually takes flight and begins roaming the stars to start the entire process all over again.

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Celestial Cradle is part of Lemmings Season 53, which was released on January 31st with eight new tribes ranging from Gummy Lemmings (yum!) to some Valentine’s fun.:-

  • Celestial
  • National Flowers
  • Valentine’s Tribe
  • Gummy Lemmings
  • Art Toys
  • Lemmings Planets IV
  • Fire Hounds
  • Caramel

So, are you ready to raise a dragon? Spread the word, and let us know on social. Follow us on Twitter @LemmingsGame and on Instagram @LemmingsOfficial.

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