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Explore Ultimate Sackboy’s new Mountain Environment!

Posted by Stuart on 4 May 2023

Our latest update for Ultimate Sackboy is introducing the brand new ‘Snow and Steady’ Mountain Environment for you to race opponents through!

Set in a tailoring workshop (of course!), the Mountain Environment features a winter wonderland decor comprised of piles of fabric, spools of thread and ribbon, plus hiking and mountain climbing sports equipment.

Snow and Steady is available to all Ultimate Sackboy players as part of the latest game update, which also includes gameplay optimisations for even better Craftworld fun!

And don’t forget: we’re currently in the middle of Ultimate Sackboy Season 3 and its fantástica Piñata Costume!

If you have a Season Pass, you’ll have access to the unique costume until May 17th!

Download Ultimate Sackboy Today!

Don’t forget the Piñata Costume costume is only available during Season 3, so grab it while you can!

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