The Lemmings 7.16 update is here, with enhanced navigation and more!

Posted by Stuart on 31 January 2024
The Lemmings 7.16 update is here, with enhanced navigation and more!

Hello Lemmings Community!

With Version 7.16 of Lemmings, which is releasing in the next few days, we are taking a significant step towards streamlining and modernising the User Interface, whilst still maintaining the iconic look and feel that you love.

When you load up Version 7.16, you’ll notice that you can navigate more smoothly between the Store, Tribes, Profile, Tournaments, and Home screens with just a tap of a single button from the new bottom bar. You no longer have to exit screens or use back buttons – you can go straight to where you need to be from wherever you are!

We know that this may seem like a minor change, but this is a small prerequisite for something even bigger – The Exient team is working hard to bring you Lemmings Version 7.2 in a few months – our biggest feature update yet!

Here’s a small sneak peek of what’s to come in 7.2:

I wonder what that is? 🤔

More details about 7.2 will be shared on our Discord in the weeks after 7.16 has been released.

In addition to the Enhanced Bottom Bar Navigation, 7.16 also includes a large number of minor changes & bug fixes:

  • Custom Profile Names:
    • You can now enter your own custom name, no need to settle for presets
    • Head over to your profile to edit your name now!
  • Reduced AD Length:
    • We have shortened the length of many ads to enhance the user experience. If you encounter any ads longer than 45 seconds, please take a screenshot and send it to our support team.
  • Improved universe screen performance – Less FPS stutter in the universe screen
  • Improved store performance – Faster loading times when changing store tabs
  • Lemmings in the avatar select screen should no longer fall off the side
  • Fixed an issue with Code redemptions sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with tournaments not loading consistently.
  • Lots of other backend improvements to make the game more stable.

One more thing – we’ll be sharing a limited time code on Discord for some in-game gifts after the release of 7.16!

Until next time,
The Lemmings Team

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