Meet up with Exient at GDC in San Francisco!

Posted by Stuart on 22 February 2024
Meet up with Exient at GDC in San Francisco!

Hello, games industry friends! The Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco is just around the corner, taking place March 18th-22nd, and the Exient team will be in attendance! 🎉

But, here’s the thing – while we’re definitely looking forward to the keynotes, sessions, and workshops, what we’re truly eager for is the chance to meet YOU. Yes, you!

Meeting old friends, making new ones, and talking shop is what makes GDC such a special event. 

Whether you’re a fellow developer, a potential partner, or just someone as enthusiastic about games as we are, we’d love to catch up. 

We’re all about exploring new business opportunities, collaborative projects, or even just exchanging stories from the trenches of game development.

Here’s what you can do to connect with us:

  • Schedule a Meetup: Drop us a message here on LinkedIn or email us at to set up a time and place. Coffee, lunch, or a casual chat between sessions – we’re totally flexible.
  • Find us on the Floor: We’ll be roaming around, attending various talks and showcases. Keep an eye out for ‘Exient’ on our badges and don’t hesitate to say hello!

Can’t wait to see many of you in San Francisco! Let’s make GDC 2024 a memorable one.

The Exient Team 🕹️✨

P.S. Follow us on LinkedIn for live updates as we head towards the big event – let the countdown begin!

Photo by Michal Pechardo on Unsplash

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