Lemmings Planet 67: The Clockwork Guardian is here!

Posted by Stuart on 12 March 2024
Lemmings Planet 67: The Clockwork Guardian is here!

Calling all Lemmings fans! Planet 67 has landed, and it’s time for a heartwarming adventure that combines problem-solving and world-repairing!

On this exciting new celestial body, our friends encounter a mysterious mechanical egg in the state of disrepair. The Lemmings set out to care for and repair the egg, hatching a wonderous owl guardian.

But the story doesn’t end there! In gratitude, the owl will use its advanced technology to build a brand new village for the Lemmings, one that thrives on collaboration and teamwork.

As always, get ready to guide your favourite Lemmings through challenging puzzles!┬áThe Clockwork Guardian is in dire need of repair, and your guidance is what’s needed!

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All this comes on the back of Season 67, with 8 news tribes:

  • Froggy: These amphibian amigos strive to reach new heights.
  • Irish Folklore (in time for St. Patrick’s Day!): Meet mischievous leprechauns and helpful fairies with these whimsical characters surrounded by rainbows and pots of gold.
  • Leafy Infusion: Get ready for a nature-themed adventure with these plant-powered lemmings .
  • Pelagic Myths: Dive into the deep with these seafaring lemmings.
  • Playcon Drawings: New Lemmings, designed by YOU!
  • Veggies: These healthy heroes can use their vegetable goodness to solve puzzles in creative ways.
  • Seasonal Tree: Celebrate the changing seasons with these Lemmings who represent our favourite different types of trees.
  • Snowflakes: Bundle up for a winter wonderland adventure with these frosty friends.

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