Introducing the Lemmings Creatorverse!

Posted by Neville on 25 March 2024
Introducing the Lemmings Creatorverse!

Ever dreamt of creating your own levels in Lemmings? Wish you could take on your friends’ creations or tackle the hardest challenges imagined by players around the world? 

Then get ready to create, play and share as the Lemmings Creatorverse is in the works! 

The Creatorverse is our biggest, boldest and most ambitious Lemmings update yet that will enable you to:



Begin your journey as a creator!

  • Design and build the Lemmings levels of your dreams 
  • Test and refine until you’re ready to share your amazing creations with the Lemmings community around the world
  • Complete planets to unlock additional deadly traps for creating more complex levels



Expand the Creatorverse!

  • Upload your creations for the world to see
  • Share your levels for your friends to play  
  • Track your level stats to see which have caught the public’s attention



Explore the Creatorverse to find levels created by the Lemmings community!

  • Hit the ’Random’ button to get straight into the action
  • Browse levels from various categories, from brand-new additions to all-time favourites
  • Play through your friends’ creations
  • Save your favourite levels, or ‘Like’ them to help others find the best ones

Download Lemmings today!

We will be announcing full global release details for the Lemmings Creatorverse update very soon.

VIP players will be getting a short period of Early Access to the Lemmings Creatorverse before anyone else, so keep your eyes open for that!


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