Lemmings Creatorverse Features!

Posted by Adrianna on 5 April 2024
Lemmings Creatorverse Features!

The Creatorverse is still in development stages and things are subject to change.

There are a ton of features to get to grips with in the Lemmings Creatorverse, so we’ve created an in-depth guide detailing all the new functionality and how you (and your friends!) can make the most of it. In fact, we’ve had so many ideas and player requests that we couldn’t cram them all into one release, which means The Creatorverse is going to be updated a lot!


Creatorverse Homescreen


Play a random level
Wanna get straight into the action? Click play to launch into a random level you’ve never played before.


Active Level
If you’ve played a level without completing it, this section will become your active level section. From here you can:

  • Retry: Retry the level.
  • Abandon: Abandon the level to play another one.
  • Report: Report the level for being inappropriate

Search Levels

Custom Search
Trying to find a level created by another player? Just put the level ID or name in this box and click the ‘search’ button.


Search Categories
Here you can browse for levels by using different categories:

    • New: Newly created levels will appear here.
    • Most Liked: Find the most Liked levels.
    • Bookmarked: Levels you bookmark will appear here.


Search Filters
You can filter your search based on certain properties:

  • Time: Filters the levels by the time they were created.
  • Difficulty: Filters the levels by their difficulty.


Level Details
Here are some of the things you can find in this box:

  • Bookmark: Clicking this will bookmark/un-bookmark a level. Bookmarked levels appear in the Bookmark Category in the Search Page.
  • Level ID: Use this in the custom search to find this level easily.
  • Likes: Displays the total number of Likes this level has accumulated.
  • Plays: Displays the total number of plays this level has accumulated.
  • Difficulty: Displays the difficulty.
  • Energy Requirements: Displays the average energy requirements for the level:
    • Low: Recommended for short but sweet experiences. (Note: These levels require a gold entry fee to play).
    • Medium: Recommended for all players.
    • High: Recommended for players after a longer play experience.
    • Ultra: Recommended for players with energy to burn!
  • Completion Status: Indicates whether you have completed this level yet.(Note: Rewards are only awarded upon first completion of the level).

Level Complete Screen 

Completion Box
This is where you can interact to the level after completion – Report, Share, Bookmarking & Re-Play

(Note: You won’t earn rewards on repeated plays).

Create Level Drafts

Create Level:
Click here to begin creating a level.


Level Details
The level details are visible in this box:

  • Level Name: Change this at any time by clicking the icon to the side.
  • Upload: If you’ve tested and completed the level you can upload it from this icon.
  • Edit: Edit your level.
    • Note: If it’s already been tested, you will have to re-play a level after editing it.
  • Delete: Delete your level, be careful as deleted levels cannot be restored.


Level Details
From here you can replay, share and bookmark your levels!

Level Creator

This is where you use your blocks, traps and tools to design your level.

  • Entrance/Exit Properties: Use this to change the Lemmings properties within the level


This is where you choose what tool to use:

  • None selected: If none are selected, the player will place their active block/trap when clicking on the level.
  • Move: Click this to allow you to move blocks around the level.
  • Theme: Click this to change the theme and background of the level.
  • Delete: Click this to allow you to delete blocks.
  • Undo: Click this to undo your last action. (Warning: You can’t redo an action).


This is where you can choose your active block or trap. Reach the planet associated with a trap to unlock it, so you may enter the level creator with very few or very many traps available.


This is where you can test your level. You can use this to:

  • Test a part of your level.
  • Complete the level, after which the level will be valid to upload.


This is where you can exit the level. Levels don’t save automatically, so you will be asked if you want to save or leave without saving.

Upload Screen

Upload Section
This is where you can upload your level:

  • Level ID: Used in the custom search to find this level easily
  • Level Name: The level name. Click on it to rename it. (Warning: You cannot rename a level after it is live)
  • Energy Requirements: The amount of energy spent on this level. If this is low, the level will require an entry fee for other players to play it.
  • Upload Button: Click this to upload your level. VIPs can upload levels every 20 minutes for free. Non-VIPs can upload levels every 24 hours. To upload more than that, players will be required to pay a fee.


Leave for now
This will allow you to exit back to the drafts screen. You can return to this screen at any time by clicking the Upload button on this level.


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