Lemmings Planet 68: Milkyway Drifter is here!

Posted by Adrianna on 9 April 2024
Lemmings Planet 68: Milkyway Drifter is here!

Rev your engines as Planet 68 has arrived and it’s time for an adventure that will make your heart race!

Enter the Milkyway Drifter, a galactic hot rod in desperate need of repair.
Our little Lemmings might be tiny, but they’ve got big dreams of drifting through the galaxy in style. Ready to burn some rubber?

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All this comes on the back of Season 68, with 8 news tribes:

  • Chrome: Add some shine to your collection.
  • Solar System Moons: These lunar friends out of this world!
  • Easter Treats: Easter will surely be hoppy with these Lemmings!
  • Monks: Wise and calm they may be, but guidance they still require.
  • Elven KnightsNavigate through puzzles with skill and grace… and pointy ears.
  • Herbivore Dinos: They’re gentle but not giant.
  • Primal: Animal print is back in fashion!
  • Warm Scents: They will help your worries melt away. Just don’t leave them unattended.

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