Lemmings Season 69 is available from 23rd of April!

Posted by Adrianna on 23 April 2024
Lemmings Season 69 is available from 23rd of April!

We’re excited to announce that Lemmings Season 69 is now available! Get ready for a fresh batch of charming new tribes that surely will put a smile on your face.

Here’s the list of new, Season 69 tribes in full:

  • 80’s Trad Goth: Step into the darkness with spikes and leather!
  • Animal Elementals part III: They may be small, but their spirit is mighty.
  • Cats: The purr-fect tribe!
  • Cinco de Mayo Flowers: Let’s celebrate with a fiesta of flowers.
  • Gathering the Lemmings: They shuffle up fun and deal out excitement!
  • Lemmings Keyrings: They hang onto the key to happiness.
  • Nautical Revamped: With this crew by your side you’ll be ready to navigate any level!
  • Pirates: Arrr you ready to set sail?

With eight new tribes to collect and new levels to conquer, Lemmings Season 69 will last for 4 weeks and promises hours of puzzle game fun.

So, get ready to unleash your inner puzzle master and guide your Lemmings to safety!

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In the meantime, keep a lookout for Planet 69…

Submit your Lemmings fan art today!

Don’t forget! We want you to submit your own Lemmings designs for the chance to go into video-game history! 

The submissions are open year-round and the best designs will be included as part of future fan-inspired tribes. 

Let your imagination go wild and send your submissions to social@exient.com!

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