Lemmings Planet 69: Chempunk Forge has just landed!

Posted by Adrianna on 7 May 2024
Lemmings Planet 69: Chempunk Forge has just landed!

Planet 69 has arrived!

Enter the Chempunk Forge and dive into a world of steampunk wonders!
Ready to build this insane workshop of innovation?

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All this comes on the back of Season 69, with 8 new tribes:

  • 80’s Trad Goth: Step into the darkness with fishnet stockings, spikes and leather!
  • Animal Elementals part III: They may be small, but their spirit is mighty.
  • Cats: The purr-fect tribe!
  • Cinco de Mayo Flowers: Let’s celebrate with a fiesta of flowers.
  • Gathering the Lemmings: They shuffle up fun and deal out excitement!
  • Lemmings Keyrings: They hang onto the key to happiness
  • Nautical Revamped: With this crew by your side you’ll be ready to navigate any level!
  • Pirates: Arrr you ready to set sail?

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