Lemmings Season 70 is available from 21st of May!

Posted by Adrianna on 21 May 2024
Lemmings Season 70 is available from 21st of May!

We’re so excited to announce that Lemmings Season 70 is now available! Ready for a bunch of exciting new tribes? Do you have favourites already?

Here’s the list of new, Season 70 tribes in full:

  • Black Metal: It takes time (and a lot of face paint) to look this good!
  • 300 Spartans: Unleash your inner warrior and embrace the Spartan spirit!
  • Tarot Cards: Let the cards guide you… in guiding these Lemmings!
  • Jellyfish Bloom: They’ll float through the levels with effortless grace and beauty
  • Rocks: This crew sure is tough.
  • Petcare: They have very paw-sitive reviews!
  • Balloon Friends: Adding a pop of fun to your game.
  • Party Fun: The party don’t start till they walk in!

With eight new tribes to collect and new levels to conquer, Lemmings Season 70 will last for 4 weeks and promises hours of puzzle game fun.

So, get ready to collect and guide your Lemmings to safety!

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In the meantime, keep a lookout for Planet 70…

Become a VIP member and join the Creatorverse Beta Early Access now!

Don’t forget! VIP Members get to dive into the Creatorverse early! As a VIP member you can now start:

  • Designing and creating your own custom levels!
  • Sharing levels with your friends and family.
  • Searching for levels from your friends and playing top-rated levels created by players from all over the world!

As an Early Bird bonus, upload your first level before 18th of July to get an exclusive background to use in your levels!

For a brief overview of the Creatorverse, check out our introduction post

For a more detailed break-down, check out our How-To Guide

Non-VIPs will have to wait a little while longer! We will announce the full release date shortly!

Find out more about Lemmings here!

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