Lemmings Planet 71: LemDorado has been discovered!

Posted by Adrianna on 2 July 2024
Lemmings Planet 71: LemDorado has been discovered!

Planet 71 is finally here!

LemDorado ready for you to embark on the ultimate treasure hunt! Prepare to navigate through treacherous puzzles, uncover hidden mysteries, and unearth lost riches.

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All this comes on the back of Season 71, with 8 new tribes:

  • Pond Life: Pondering your next favourite? These Lemmings will surely make a splash!
  • Blowup Costume: Don’t inflate their egos!
  • Crochet: Lead them by the threads.
  • Hobbies: Our favourite activity is playing Lemmings! However, these little guys do prefer the outdoors.
  • Ice Cream Part 2: Keep an eye out for them in the summer heat.
  • Motorsport: They’re not faster than regular Lemmings, but they do look the part.
  • Sports Day: Go for gold! And for the exit!
  • Summer Fun: Covered in sunscreen, ready for the heat. Still… maybe avoid the fire traps.

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